Car Rental Istanbul Saw

Car Rental Istanbul Saw
Car Rental Istanbul Saw
Rent a car Istanbul Saw offers the opportunity to travel with expensive vehicles, rent a car service, which is among the practical transportation options and offers the opportunity to travel to the fullest. Comfortable vehicles with air conditioning, heating system and abs feature, which do not make you feel road fatigue, are rented in the airport car rental category. Our company delivers rental cars to the airport at the landing time of your flight. When your holiday is over, you can deliver the vehicle at the airport. In the rental process, the vehicles must be delivered before the end of the rental period.



Let Your Journey Turn into a Pleasant Travel

The airport rent a car service, which offers unlimited travel opportunities, is much more comfortable than other transportation options. In addition, you can easily visit every place you can visit with your private vehicle. One of the issues to be considered in the car rental process of our company Sabiha Gökçen is the segment issue. The rental fee of vehicles in the upper segment category in our vehicle fleet is slightly higher than in other segments.



You can rent the vehicle you want

Our fleet consists of the latest model vehicles. You can find the vehicle model you want in our fleet, from family type vehicles to sport vehicle options. If you are going to travel in the countryside, you should rent six high jeep type vehicles. Fuel-saving economical vehicle options are also included in our fleet.

All vehicles in our fleet can be used safely in traffic. Costs such as industrial maintenance, cleaning, tax and insurance of our vehicles with insured features are covered by our company.



Rental contract

After choosing the vehicle you want, it's time to sign the contract. The person who rents the vehicle is responsible for the terms of the contract. Second driver options can also be preferred in this category. The improper use of the vehicle or its use for commercial purposes will cause the terms of the contract to disappear.

Vehicle delivery must take place on time. Vehicle delivery after the date specified in the contract is subject to a fee. Traffic fines, bridge tolls, parking fees and similar fees belong to the person renting the vehicle. Experienced staff of our company will ensure that the rental process takes place smoothly.
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