Reservation & Rental Conditions

During the rental agreement, the tenant must have a domestic or valid international driver's license for A, B, C, D group vehicles and must be over 20 years old.

It is at least 1 day. Special prices apply for monthly or annual rentals.
In case of delay, 3/1 of the applied fee is charged for each additional hour. Delays exceeding 3 hours in total are calculated as full days.

Prices include lubrication, maintenance, insurance against third parties (within legal policy limits). 18% VAT (VAT) is included. Fuel belongs to the lessor. Chauffeur-driven service and an interpreter guide are available upon request.

The total rental fee is collected by cash or credit card upon delivery of the vehicle.
A deposit of 150 euros is taken from our foreign customers with valid passports and flight information. If you do not have a passport, you may be asked for documents such as income certificate or circular of signature or tax plate of your last workplace.

All our vehicles are 2019 and 2020 models and have full rent a car insurance. (Liability Insurance).
Insurance fee is included in the prices stated on our site.

If your reservation is approved by us, Sabihagökcenrentacar staff is obliged to meet you and deliver the vehicle at the place and time you specify on your reservation form. If it is, it is variable. The daily mileage limit for the vehicles you have rented with the campaign rental price is 150 km. If you exceed the mileage when you return it, an extra price difference is requested. There is no km limit in the campaign rental price and during the summer periods. Atatürk airport delivery is 25 euros.

Traffic fines belong to the renter.
Our vehicles cannot be taken abroad.

In order to pass on bridges, highways and toll roads, T.C.K. By law, ogs device or hgs tag is required. All of our vehicles have ogs devices. You can purchase unlimited ogs from our staff at the rate you pass the ogs fee; or you can obtain an hgs tag. OGS fee is not included in the rental price. a fee is charged.
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